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  • fu dog

    .Shisa are wards, believed to protect from some evils.

  • Icarus

    Icarus leaves his prison and heads toward the clouds, regardless of the fact he may fall

  • Creative half sleeve

    My arm has a lot of different tattoos I had gotten at different times, done by friends of mine which really means a lot, it’s been a lot of time spent with special people and I’m happy to have the… [ read more ]

  • Iron Man over NYC

    Big fan of Iron Man since being a kid and i’m from NYC

  • Lion half sleeve in progress

    It represent strength and courage. Strength represented by the lion and courage represented by the heart.

  • Habiscus

    Its just beautiful and there is a part of it that is for my grandpa who is the most important person in my life… I can submit more, if you would like.

  • State flowers

    They are the state flowers of AL (my home state), SC (dad’s side home state) and GA (just because 😉 )

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