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  • Lion half sleeve in progress

    It represent strength and courage. Strength represented by the lion and courage represented by the heart.

  • Habiscus

    Its just beautiful and there is a part of it that is for my grandpa who is the most important person in my life… I can submit more, if you would like.

  • State flowers

    They are the state flowers of AL (my home state), SC (dad’s side home state) and GA (just because ūüėČ )

  • Ins-eye-d Arm Anatomy Half-sleeve

    As a rugby player I have done a lot of damage to this side of my body, well my body in general, so the anatomy portion of it is a huge reminder to keep improving my body every day. The… [ read more ]

  • Boba fett

    This tattoo was for a client and he’s just star wars fan

  • Eerie tree of life with last name incorporated into the roots

  • Buddah

    it ties my sleeve together. it is all about time and how things pass and how everything is temporary. To use your time wisely and not be bothered by the small things or anything that you have the power to… [ read more ]

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