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  • Hello Kitty Halloween

    This tattoo was done by Shinryu (Japanese artist) during the tattoo convention in Strasbourg (France)

  • Halloween sleeve

    My birthday is on Halloween. It’s all the things I love the most about Halloween.

  • Lady Oog Boog (female oogie boogie)

    love nightmare before christmas and decided since Jack has Sally then Oogie needs a companion also so created Lady Oog Boog. the first female oogie boogie tattoo of its kind.

  • Oogie Boogie

    just a huge nightmare before christmas fan!

  • Sally Skellington

    just a huge nightmare before christmas fan!

  • Jack Skellington

    just always been a huge fan of the nightmare before christmas and my ink shows it!

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    Nightmare before christmas has been one of my favorite movies since i was little. Also having were simply meant to be means at al times in life were are where we need to be. Done by Amber star.

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