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  • Halloween sleeve

    My birthday is on Halloween. It’s all the things I love the most about Halloween.

  • Lady Oog Boog (female oogie boogie)

    love nightmare before christmas and decided since Jack has Sally then Oogie needs a companion also so created Lady Oog Boog. the first female oogie boogie tattoo of its kind.

  • Oogie Boogie

    just a huge nightmare before christmas fan!

  • Sally Skellington

    just a huge nightmare before christmas fan!

  • Jack Skellington

    just always been a huge fan of the nightmare before christmas and my ink shows it!

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    Nightmare before christmas has been one of my favorite movies since i was little. Also having were simply meant to be means at al times in life were are where we need to be. Done by Amber star.

  • Bela Lugosi’s Dracula

    This is the beginning of my horror themed sleeve and my first arm tattoo (13 over all). The artist is Jason Hager and he is incredibly talented. This tattoo won first place for the black and grey portrait contest at… [ read more ]