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  • Left skeletal/muscular hand

    Rating tattoo pain from 1-10, I’d rate this one at 13. It took three sessions (3.5 hour skeleton, 4 hour skeleton & muscle, 1 hour touchup). I have 21 tattoos to date and this one hurt the most.

  • Gigger

    Since HR Gigged died ,I decides to make a sleeve in his honor

  • Death by a Rose

    The rose was done by wonderful artist Yasmine Anderson, it was placed at her discretion. I love roses and wanted a realistic rose and so I went with this. The heart is a fun little tattoo that I have always… [ read more ]

  • Molan labe

    Telling the Government to screw off!!

  • Irish pride

    Shows my Irish pride and my love of the boondock saints

  • Another Day

    It resembles the passing of another day, the looming factor that time is ultimately only counting down. I see the sun bringing opportunity and growth, substance and energy to further gain inspiration and drive for my passion and lust for… [ read more ]

  • my tribal hand

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