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  • Another Day

    It resembles the passing of another day, the looming factor that time is ultimately only counting down. I see the sun bringing opportunity and growth, substance and energy to further gain inspiration and drive for my passion and lust for… [ read more ]

  • my tribal hand

  • crown of thorns hand skull


  • Passion & Dedication

    The one on my hand represents my endless, and fierce passion for music. The script on my foot is a quote for a best friend currently battling a rare heart disease.

  • skull wash

    needed it to balance out had tat on other hand saw this and had to have

  • skull wash

    Needed other hand tasted cause I felt lop sided and the pic popped out at me I had to have it.

  • Brooklyn

    It was more of personal preference rather than some deep meaning I saw it and liked it not all tattoos have to have a backstory

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