• Beetle Juice

    This tattoo means my childhood´s first giggling.

  • True Love

    It represents no matter the distance or whose hand I hold- he will always be my only true love.

  • Couple tattoo – this is love

    Got tired of wearing our wedding bands and this is what we came up with

  • funky skulls by dave z james

    its my husband and i skull look a like …)

  • Art inspired chest piece

    Art has always been a big part of my life. I get inspired by the things I see and the people I meet and I express my self through all kinds of mediums; including painting. I wanted a tattoo that… [ read more ]

  • ephemere

    french word for : it’s not forever

  • the day of the dead

    For me is cus my mom is single and cus I saw my grand grandmother die infort of my eyes it means a lot


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