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  • the day of the dead

    For me is cus my mom is single and cus I saw my grand grandmother die infort of my eyes it means a lot

  • Cupcakes

  • My First Tattoo

    Wanted my first tat to be religious affiliated.

  • Eye are the windows to our souls

    Had the swallow’s and the words on my fingers and as soon as they were done I could see the space filled by 2 eyes had them done by the amazingly talented Matt Drury. Don’t care that there called job… [ read more ]

  • My Other Half

    My fiancĂ© has the other part to the tattoo. His hand says “MATE” so when we hold hands it says Soul Mate:)

  • Foto-0027_e1

    not so important, just have some added style

  • image

    This tattoo signifies a tragic event that our family has come thru. The fish is representative of myself swimming upwards, breaking free( the anchor)with Gods help( the hands) towards my strength that kept me going,my children( the swallows) and my… [ read more ]