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  • Art inspired chest piece

    Art has always been a big part of my life. I get inspired by the things I see and the people I meet and I express my self through all kinds of mediums; including painting. I wanted a tattoo that… [ read more ]

  • ephemere

    french word for : it’s not forever

  • the day of the dead

    For me is cus my mom is single and cus I saw my grand grandmother die infort of my eyes it means a lot

  • Cupcakes

  • My First Tattoo

    Wanted my first tat to be religious affiliated.

  • Eye are the windows to our souls

    Had the swallow’s and the words on my fingers and as soon as they were done I could see the space filled by 2 eyes had them done by the amazingly talented Matt Drury. Don’t care that there called job… [ read more ]

  • My Other Half

    My fiancĂ© has the other part to the tattoo. His hand says “MATE” so when we hold hands it says Soul Mate:)

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