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  • Harry Potter tat!!!

    I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan. It was the very first book series and movie series that I fell in love with. I grew up with these films and now I finally have a tattoo to represent… [ read more ]

  • Deathly Hallows Owl

    Lover of owls and Happy Potter

  • Harry Potter sleeve progress

    I love the Harry Potter series and started working on my sleeve in spring of 2015

  • triwizardcup

  • Harry potter tribute

    I have been a huge harry potter fan for years and have been tattooing for a couple. I’ve wanted to do a harry potter themed tattoo since the beginning. This client allowed me to draw a custom design for her… [ read more ]

  • Dobby by Colin Whitfield based in North Devon.

  • Muggalo

    It was a inside joke from a trip to universal and it never stops being funny how upset people get about it. It’s either they love it or they wanna find out how did it and kill them

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