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  • Hotspot forever

    It is significant on several levels. One is the fact that the bottom circle of the WiFi symbol is actually my birthmark. Also it is a tattoo I got for my wife..who I call WiFi.

  • complete

  • complete

  • complete

  • Best tattooed father award

    What keeps my head straight in this world is my kids

  • Watercolor Rose

    I actually got the rose for my grandmother. When I was 16 and started getting tattoos she always told me she wished I would get something “pretty” like a butterfly or something on my ankle. Now I’m 22 and decided… [ read more ]

  • soul’s of black

    This tattoo represents the suffering from a hard life, Death of a loved one, but total expression of my Indian heritage, but the resurrection to a new life spirit, soul, mind and body.

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