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  • Bionic heart

    I had open heart surgery and have a pacemaker. I have wires and patches in my heart. My dad had a heart transplant and I’ve had a lot of heart breaks in my life. This tattoo pulls it all together… [ read more ]

  • Bottled heart

    I had the pleasure of doing this tattoo on a good friend at my first tattoo convention, Chicago Villian Arts tattoo convention 2016 and took 1st place medium color tattoo.

  • Kids astrology signs

    This is my children’s astrology signs merged together into a heart.

  • Feminine but Tough

    I love the work that Chris Stuart has done! He repaired these roses, and completed my half-sleeve. I am so happy to have it finished.

  • Sleeve

    I love all of them as I made them in a certain period of my life.I have one covered tattoo from my 16 but still love it.

  • Two of a Kind

    My first degree was in Forensic Science. I loved studying fingerprint analysis and decided early on I wanted a fingerprint tattoo. When I accidentally printed one on another I realised it looked like a heart and thought that’d be a… [ read more ]

  • Heart on my sleeve

    The end of an emotionally abusive relationship

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