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  • Lock ‘n Key Anklet

    Love jewelry and anklets. This realistic anklet comes with a heart-shaped lock (currently in the closed/locked position) and key. I AM the holder of the key to my own heart — nobody else. The bit of Emerald Green is my… [ read more ]

  • fleur de lis head tattoo

    The meaning behind the symbol is strong !

  • Maleficent by Lorenzo Evil Machines Roma

  • Arm tattoos

  • lacey heart and flowers

    The three roses represent my two kids and my hubby…. the anchor is a nod to my hubby too as he’s in the Royal Navy.

  • Fish hook heart

    This tattoo is actually about my dog, but fishing is my favorite hobby. I was fishing one day and all of the sudden I heard whimpering, I looked over and saw a bunch of puppies so I drop my fishing… [ read more ]

  • New ink

    I love this tattoo, so far my favourite!! I think I look more complete. I can’t wait for more

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