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  • Heart Means Everything

  • Pierced Heart Tribal

    We all suffer the slings and arrows of love, all to often it is the loss of love that pierces our heart. So with my loss I just immortalized it as long as I am able.

  • Rib tattoo

    This tattoo is the opposite of another tattoo I have. The other is symbolic for protection – clearly visible to public, fierce dragon. This tattoo is symbolic for my vulnerability, sensitive, and caring nature. This vulnerability causes pain and heartbreak… [ read more ]

  • Mom memorial

    This was my first paid tattoo as an apprentice.

  • Infinity of love and friendship

    This tattoo has a huge meaning to me I got this same tattoo with my bestfriend in the world she means everything to me she is like my sister and I meet her in a different country. I meet her… [ read more ]

  • Danny Wright

  • Geometric Heart Pussy Tattoo

    I saw the design itself on Dr Woo’s Instagram (artist for Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club), and loved it. I wanted a tattoo above my… female area that encompassed the naughtiness in me combined with the straight-laced, classy me. No… [ read more ]