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  • lacey heart and flowers

    The three roses represent my two kids and my hubby…. the anchor is a nod to my hubby too as he’s in the Royal Navy.

  • Fish hook heart

    This tattoo is actually about my dog, but fishing is my favorite hobby. I was fishing one day and all of the sudden I heard whimpering, I looked over and saw a bunch of puppies so I drop my fishing… [ read more ]

  • New ink

    I love this tattoo, so far my favourite!! I think I look more complete. I can’t wait for more

  • Chest Piece

    My first full piece. A combination of one artist’s mistakes and another artist fixing it.

  • When everything seems to be falling apart it may actually be falling into place. Just have faith, hope and love.

    That if you keep your faith and have faith anything is possible. When you life seems to be falling apart it may be falling into place it all depends on your attitude and how you deal with life’s trials and… [ read more ]

  • Unraveled heart

    This tattoo represents the last year of my life and all the heart ache and loss.

  • heart locket

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