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  • Stevie r&d

    This tattoo symbolizes wearing your heart on your sleeve using your heart to make decision you later see as a fault but learning to stay true to yourself .

  • Beloved

    This tattoo represents a love thats unobtainable. An eternal longing.

  • beauty behind the bullet

  • Skull Heart Chest Piece

  • Death by a Rose

    The rose was done by wonderful artist Yasmine Anderson, it was placed at her discretion. I love roses and wanted a realistic rose and so I went with this. The heart is a fun little tattoo that I have always… [ read more ]

  • Mammas boy

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I really love and cherish my mom so because she was doing all she could to fight breast cancer I did as well. So after donating to charities and running charity runs… [ read more ]

  • Daggers

    Tattoo done by Antonio Roque of Frederick,MD

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