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  • Heart put back together

    It is my heart I wear on my sleeve and it has been beat up and sown back together but still there

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    This is a cover up and one of my favorite movies is NBC, its not done this is the start

  • New School Sailor Jerry Skull Cross Bones Heart

    I love traditional Sailor Jerry flash art. All of my favorite pieces are traditional. I got this one in Las Vegas at the Skin Factory. For me, this piece represents my personality. I can be viewed as a pretty dark… [ read more ]

  • Stevie r&d

    This tattoo symbolizes wearing your heart on your sleeve using your heart to make decision you later see as a fault but learning to stay true to yourself .

  • Beloved

    This tattoo represents a love thats unobtainable. An eternal longing.

  • beauty behind the bullet

  • Skull Heart Chest Piece

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