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  • love

    This tattoo covers my scar from having my two amazing children

  • Alisha

    Its dedicated to my sister

  • First Tattoo

    This was my first ever tattoo, definitely not the best.

  • Memories

    During my 18th birthday I lost 3 people really close to me so this tattoo is for them.

  • big heart

    It Was A Big Day My Clients She Really Broke Throw A lot Of Thing With what She Could Handel With Pain And I think Life To.

  • There’s Still Room in My Heart

    Even though the concept is a little cliche, this tattoo is basically signifying my eternal love toward my mother. There is an empty slot on the bottom portion of the scroll which states that there is potentially room in my… [ read more ]

  • sacred heart hand tattoo

    it’s a work in progress.a half slave.starting on my hand with the sekret heart. my kids zodiac signs then flames. my heart burns for my family