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  • Love Gun

  • Hearts

    I love hearts, once I got the tattoo, before my Mom passed away she asked me to get ‘Mom’ put into it. I did.

  • Indian tiger hearts

    For my daughter and girlfriend

  • Honor Thy Parents

    My dad was in prison my whole life… i didnt find out until I was 12 and the internet became available to me. I knew that my family hated my dad and they always has nothing nice to say! But… [ read more ]

  • Strength of a Fighter

    Represents that I can make it through anything thrown my way, made it through abuse as a teenager and got this when I turned 19.

  • n642862381_1926708_7489

  • Photo20

    These little hearts are a memory of when I spent a month in NYC without anyone in my family being with me. Baby bird leaving the nest.