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  • Tattooed Uncle

    I asked my niece and nephews to draw me a photo that reminds them me of and them, my two nephews drew us and my niece drew herself and she always wears hello kitty which is why that is in… [ read more ]

  • Hello Kitty Tattoo

    I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. I have tee shirts a blanket, a pillow, shoes, ear buds, jewlery, stuffed animals, you name it. I used to love hello kitty as a child and she just really stuck with me, and… [ read more ]

  • Best hello kitty tattoo ever

    It’s hello kitty under my neighborhood streets sighn

  • Michelle

    Its different never seen before.. I think alot of people would love it too!!

  • Forever Young

    One of my best friends died, so I got his initials and forever young across it. He died at 18, he will always be forever young in my heart, and so is Hello Kitty, it never ages any gender or… [ read more ]

  • I Love my WIFE

    Would not tattoo my wife’s name. so i thought what better way to show my Hello Kitty obsessed wife how much I LOVE HER

  • Evil kitty

    I love hello kitty my brother decided to make it more gothic instead of girly.

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