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  • Henna sleeve

  • Henna style sleeve

    Inspired by a trip to South Korea

  • Custom mandala roses

    Aside the aesthetics, it is a classic piece that anyone can relate to., signifying a perfect unity and balance through symmetric details of geometric lines. This particular piece is one of my favorites from all the beautiful inks I do… [ read more ]

  • Henna sleeve

    Inspired from a recent trip to South Korea.

  • Henna sleeve

  • Sun & Moon

    I am just head over heels in love with it! All credit goes to the wonderful Ryan Ashley Malarkey!! She tattoos at the Strange & Unusual Oddities!

  • Henna inspired tattoo

    This tattoo was free hand by a tattoo artist named WIXX I’ve been wanting a unique tattoo that would be very custom so he decided to free hand the entire tattoo.