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  • Freddy: New Nightmare

    Horror movie junkie, fits in my sleeve of horror icons I’m working on.

  • penny wise

    love horror icons

  • Hand tattoo by Ad burt at 2 guns tattoos, west mids, UK, ANDY MURPHY

    It looks absolutely amazing.

  • Frankenstein A&L

    It was made with the fiction story that frankenstein had to be loved and accepted by others, same thing that the client as himself wanted to be for the surrounding

  • Werewolf

  • AHS twisty the killer clown

    Tattoo by Johnny F Knoxville Peoria Ill

  • evil dead

    I’ve loved horror movies since I first saw chucky at 2yrs old. I’ve been working on my chest/stomach/neck piece for a little over a year now cover up some old tattoos. Next session we are finishing the cabin on stomach… [ read more ]

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