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  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th is a favorite and a classic. The banner is quite funny and was from the infamous Jason Vorhees internet meme.

  • terror and horror

    the fairy represents my family, my bloody woman represents linciatura and criminology and flowers victories I have achieved so far

  • Michael Myers

    I love the Halloween movies.I own them all,but I’m just a all around horror movie buff.

  • LeMarchand’s box aka hellraiser puzzlebox

    When I was a kid life was shitty real shitty. As weird as it is two things helped me separate life from reality comics and horror movies. Hellraiser being one of those horror movies and also my favorite just like… [ read more ]

  • Freddy Keuger

    Done By Nathan Varney follow him on FB or IG @nathanvarneyart

  • Horror Face

  • Horror Face