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  • Ash

    Evil dead is my favorite. Bruce Campbell is awesome. My artist Steve Ropp does amazing horror portraits

  • Captain Spaulding

    I love horror movies. Captain Spaulding is one of my favorite characters. I think my tattoo artist Steve Ropp did an absolutely amazing job. Just wanted to show off his amazing work.

  • Michael Myers

  • Horror chick cover up

    A cover up from my first tattoo i took drunk in gran canaria, which was a puzzle piece (covered in the hearth/hand/blood). Was a challenge as it was very dark colours with a hard red color, but after some sessions… [ read more ]

  • Werewolf

    tattoo done by Heather out of Salem ink in Salem MA.

  • Freddie Kreuger

    This is part of my lower sleeve that is dedicated to my daughter. Freddie Kreuger is both our favourite bad guy. We are both avid horror fans. It is the fourth tattoo I’ve gotten by Ingrid Zschogner of Sound Tattoo… [ read more ]

  • silent nurse

    I am a psychiatric nurse and love tattoos. This tattoo seemed to fit my personality pperfectly. It’s a twist on the silent hill nurses

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