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  • AHS twisty the killer clown

    Tattoo by Johnny F Knoxville Peoria Ill

  • evil dead

    I’ve loved horror movies since I first saw chucky at 2yrs old. I’ve been working on my chest/stomach/neck piece for a little over a year now cover up some old tattoos. Next session we are finishing the cabin on stomach… [ read more ]

  • Frankenstein

    I love frankenstein and vintage horror. I think frankenstein just represents a time in my life where I fetl like the monster in a small town.

  • Frankenstein progress shot

    i am a huge fan of all the early universal monster movies! and also a big fan of mary shelleys original movel also.

  • Frankenstein

  • Based on poster of French movie called “A virgin among the living dead”

    As a horror freak, the image represents everything I love about the genre, half naked girl being chased by zombie like creatures, a graveyard and a dracula like castle in the background are some of the images that got my… [ read more ]

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th is a favorite and a classic. The banner is quite funny and was from the infamous Jason Vorhees internet meme.

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