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  • Laky Tattoo’s

    I have done this sleeve in 15 hours time only all my ideas Laky Tattoo’s

  • Bela Lugosi’s Dracula

    This is the beginning of my horror themed sleeve and my first arm tattoo (13 over all). The artist is Jason Hager and he is incredibly talented. This tattoo won first place for the black and grey portrait contest at… [ read more ]

  • Mr. Hyde

    Tattoo of Mr. Hyde. DR. Jekyll evil half. Done by David Hamburg from Art of War Tattoo Parlour in Moreno Valley, CA.

  • The Jackle

  • pumpkinhead

    I have always been a big movie buff, especially horror movies. I finally was able to start a leg piece with one of my favorite horror characters and my tattoo artist loves to do the horror themed stuff so it… [ read more ]

  • Walking Dead

  • horror half sleeve 2

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