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  • cicrus horse

    It represent to not be ordinary. growing up my whole life I was always different and people always thought I was freaky and made fun of me. This tattoo represents to be extraordinary, not ordinary.

  • Revolution

    Every tattoo that i do has great meaning and significance. Being a 23 year old female tattoo artist, with each of my works, brings me one step closer to my goal “to inspire and be inspired”.

  • Pale Horse

  • Both sides

    Im Hungarian and my life revolves around my horses and love of hawaii

  • SkullHorseTattooHandsmall

  • SkullHorseTattooHandsmall

  • Othello

    Othello is the name of the horse that is tattooed on my back. He is a Friesian Horse who was bought in Holland by Robert Labrie from the Friesians of Majesty farm in Vermont. At the time of purchase, he… [ read more ]

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