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  • Hourglass and Daises

    Love Daises, and the hourglass signifies that time is always a factor in our lives whether it’s healing or having fun. Tattoo done by Lexi Perez (formerly at Moerder Tattoo)

  • Rose Hourglass

    Roses are my favorite flowers, The hour glass represents the quote i have: “This Too Shall Pass”. Whatever your going through in life will pass by, don’t sweat it and let whatever it is play out. The key and lock… [ read more ]

  • hourglass tatuaggio clessidra Marco Pepe Endre Tattoo Napoli

    tatuaggio realizzato da Marco Pepe presso l’ Encre Tattoo studio di napoli , il tatuaggio raffigura una clessidra con rondini, in stile realistico, hourglass

  • Hourglass

    It’s a constant reminder that time is running out. Life is like an hourglass, it gets left alone and it is constantly running out, you can’t pause the flow. There is more sand in the top because I am young,… [ read more ]

  • black and gray hourglass thigh piece

    “Your time is running out,stop saving the best for last”

  • Life & Death

    Enjoy life because you never know when your time is up.

  • side tattoo

    My tattoo means a lot to me. Got. The hourglass for my pop pop who passed a lock and a key a skull.the arrors which direction to go in life You will have to see it 4 yourself