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  • only death stops time

    Im the artist and all of the tattoo work i do big or small is significant because the client is significant.

  • Hourglass

  • No time lost

  • Half sleeve

  • Hourglass and Daises

    Love Daises, and the hourglass signifies that time is always a factor in our lives whether it’s healing or having fun. Tattoo done by Lexi Perez (formerly at Moerder Tattoo)

  • Rose Hourglass

    Roses are my favorite flowers, The hour glass represents the quote i have: “This Too Shall Pass”. Whatever your going through in life will pass by, don’t sweat it and let whatever it is play out. The key and lock… [ read more ]

  • hourglass tatuaggio clessidra Marco Pepe Endre Tattoo Napoli

    tatuaggio realizzato da Marco Pepe presso l’ Encre Tattoo studio di napoli , il tatuaggio raffigura una clessidra con rondini, in stile realistico, hourglass

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