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  • Chief

    I have always had a lot of interest in Native American culture and the history. It’s always exciting to get to be apart of any piece that represents them and get to be able to learn something new each time…. [ read more ]

  • Ganesha

    spiritual signification

  • Indian Dream Catcher

    Peace, lack

  • Indian Mistress

    This is a custom piece I designed for a younger gentleman who needed a quote “hot indian chick” so this is what we came up with. Amanda Stiles Modify Tattoo & Piercing Co. 423.438.7333

  • optimistic arrow

    It holds the representation of optimism. No matter how far you pull an arrow back it will only shoot further ahead. Meaning when life brings you down just look forward to bigger and better things ahead.

  • Ganesh

    It represents my culture, my faith

  • Native american

    I have Native American blood and my mother took it to heart, I even had a favorite dreamcatcher as a kid that I would bring with me every time I left for the night. I also have a thing for… [ read more ]

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