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  • MissMeow by Cortho

    MissMeow got inked by Cortho french tattooer of Shamrock Tattoo, Bernay, France. “Deux dans la chatte et un dans le cul”

  • skull and flowers

    I like it!

  • MissMeow

    MissMeow on FashionShow of Sinner Couture at International Brussels tattoo convention

  • handcover by MC thetattooer

    Best cover ever of MissMeow done by MC theTattooer (Shamrock Tattoo, Bernay, France) on freehand

  • Writing is Life

    Knowing that I’ve wanted to be an Author since I was 13 years old, I decided that getting a tattoo that reflects my love for writing was a great way to go.

  • Ink Skull

  • My Sparkly Bitch Ink

    This tattoo in particular ‘My Sparkly Bitch Ink’, reminds me of my demons I over come and my healing – the stages of life where I thought I could never over come, but I soon did. I look up to… [ read more ]