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  • American Indian by Amanda Stiles

    Tattoo by Amanda Stiles @ Modify Tattoo & Piercing Morristown TN 423.438.7333

  • An old piece enxpanded

    There was some unfinished business between my upper arm and me and I am happy to share the result!

  • A flower forever

    I took this one especially to remind me of my mom.

  • Inked wedding

  • Fight Club tattoo on MissMeow done by MC theTattooer

    Best of day on Tours Tattoo Convention 2015, MissMeow got tattooed portrait of Tyler Durden, Fight Club by MC theTattooer, ShamrockTattoo, Bernay, France,

  • Sleeve (medic themed)

    Represents my first few weeks of life, sitting in intensive care and how the medical field kept me alive to this day, where I am now studying to be a paramedic to give back.

  • MissMeow by Cortho

    MissMeow got inked by Cortho french tattooer of Shamrock Tattoo, Bernay, France. “Deux dans la chatte et un dans le cul”

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