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  • Find your eternity in each moment

    The significance of this tattoo is pretty self explanatory to “find your eternity in each moment”. It’s crazy how you can pass through a work week or a year and have no real recollection of what goes on. However, when… [ read more ]

  • truth

    It signifies what I must do daily

  • Weary traveler

    The “weary traveler” represents a modern day warrior who has a past of hardships and challenges which he has overcome. No matter how bad the day is, what the weather will be or what ever gets in his way he… [ read more ]

  • Fuck

    If you cant handle the word Fuck well so be it…. I got when i was 17 in Oceanside, CA…Travis Hopkins was the tattoo artist! Means to kive each day like it was your last.

  • Tattoo representing my Mental Health

    I am a sufferer of Mental Health problems. Sometimes I am in a manic happy mood, others I am in a sad depressed mood. It is a constant battle in my head every day. And like the quote “It is… [ read more ]

  • Only The Strong Survive

    It reminds me that I have to be strong and tough all the time.

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