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  • Irish tattoos

    It’s my interpretation of the Irish tree of life. The tree is dying out and in the tree there is a scull and it says luck of the Irish. I had it dying out because nothing lives forever.

  • Irish Blessing

    I love being Irish and at that time I hadn’t seen a lot of poems or sayings tattooed on people lol thought I was being myself …Unique

  • Mums Trubute

    It was a verse I composed for my mum who I lost in 2011 .. I am of half Irish descent so I chose this wording and did not want it easily readable.

  • Celtic cross, Irish

    I’m Irish! Im proud of my heritage!

  • irish half sleeve

    The top part on my shoulder with the celtic knots irish flag and dragons represent my irish backround, never ending life, bravery, and honor. The 4 leaf clover gives me luck because i always have one with me, the add… [ read more ]

  • Body art

    Each tattoo means something to me. The first was the flowers that go into the tree, I got it on my 18th birthday to symbolize my freedom. The second was the clauddagh on my ribs for love, hope, and friendship…. [ read more ]

  • Irish celtic sleeve

    My heritage.

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