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  • Classy Jack

    I am a big fan of the work of Tim Burton, and plan on getting many more tattoos of the characters he brings to life.

  • Jack Skellington

    Love Nightmare before Christmas‚̧

  • Jack Skellington

    The nightmare before Christmas is one of my all time favorites and this signifies my love for Tim Burton movies!

  • freedom

    All my tattoos means to me that I’m different from society and I am a quirky individual and my own person.

  • Jacks back

    I am HUGE in to Jack and the tattoo artist Eric Caves (RIP) came up with this design together for a cover-up. this is OUR creation.. I completely and totally love this piece..

  • nightmare before Christmas

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    This sleeve was my second tattoo. My wife and I are both Tim Burton fans, so Jack and Sally naturally represent the two of us. The old-school microphone represents my love of singing and performing. On the inside of my… [ read more ]

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