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  • Thunder Chicken

    Had a dream of this image and decided to go with it. Done by Permanent Mark who at the time owned Black Wider Tattoo in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan

  • tribal

    All my tattooes have different meanings im really interested in what i get tattooed

  • Geisha / Samurai by Seth Singletary @ Sacred Tattoo in Oakland, Ca

    First off, I’ve always loved this idea and knew I wanted something like this to start off my arm. It says a lot about certain personality characteristics of mine.

  • The Healing Flower

    I have suffered most of my teenage years with self hate, self doubt, and self love. I have lost who I am over the years but I am now finding out who I am, and I am healing. I am… [ read more ]

  • Yin Yang

    Representing constant battle between good and evil

  • No time lost

  • Japanese Ryu Dragon by Horisuzu Taku

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