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  • Koi fish half sleeve

    This tattoo was done by “Prime” in Las Vegas Nevada. It was my first large tattoo I got it for my 18th birthday. I mainly got it for the beautiful artwork. Prime is an amazing artist and I wanted some… [ read more ]

  • Back-piece

    I have now also eyes in my back!

  • My pubic area completed!

    I’m ink-addicted. Meanwhile, 3 years working on my full body suite. In a year’s time, it should be all set.

  • Dragon

    Dragons represent wisdom and unity with the spirit.

  • Foo Dog

    Art by my boy Sergio Alveraz

  • Completed black work

  • ESPN Sports Network Logo Tattoo

    This tattoo means a very great deal of inspiration for me. This started out as a small bet between myself and a few friends of mine. As the dare and topic of me getting an “entertainment sports network” logo tattoo… [ read more ]