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  • japanese back

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  • Stomach Piece

    Garden of Eden

  • Koi Fish Leg Sleeve 1

    Love the work of the specific artist. Done by “Prime” of Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Weary traveler

    The “weary traveler” represents a modern day warrior who has a past of hardships and challenges which he has overcome. No matter how bad the day is, what the weather will be or what ever gets in his way he… [ read more ]

  • Japanese spinal tattoo

    My grandmother hand wrote seven words in Japanese that signified certain changes in my life before she died.

  • Koi fish half sleeve

    This tattoo was done by “Prime” in Las Vegas Nevada. It was my first large tattoo I got it for my 18th birthday. I mainly got it for the beautiful artwork. Prime is an amazing artist and I wanted some… [ read more ]

  • Back-piece

    I have now also eyes in my back! 😉

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