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  • Phoenix in the making

    It is about my ability to overcome and rebuild my self from the ashes of life’s turmoil. It is a work in progress which will eventually cover my whole arm in color.

  • Fox

    It represents my love of japanese style tattoos and my love of foxes

  • My past

    This piece is a representation of my past. All of the bad relationships that I’ve had, all of the anger, the hatred, negativity, and damnation. It’s not done yet either

  • Body tatt

    My tattoos tell my story all the way from things I have been through In life what family mean and friends et

  • My Personally Designed Japanese Back Piece

    One Of My First Tattoos I Recieves While Living In Okinawa Japan

  • Japanese Dragon Half Sleeve

  • Graduation Present

    18 years old and got this for a Graduation present done by Matt Taylor in Lima, Ohio

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