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  • Jesus face tattoo

    This was a big deal for me. It’s my first face tattoo I could not hide under hair. The significance to me is that no mate what Jesus has my back and is always in my ear saying what I… [ read more ]

  • Jesus and the two thieves

    My faith

  • Jesus and the two thieves

    My faith

  • A Life With Direction

    I drew this tattoo while I was in the hospital getting my life back together after a very rough time in my life. I had forgotten what was important and who was really running my life. This my second tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Sacred Heart

    The biggest significance of these tattoos would be their implication of my enormous amount of faith to Him.

  • Jesus.passion

    epic movie,watch it when you can.

  • 48030_396658377115876_52128522

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