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  • Joker portrait by Vru H, Maca Tattoo, Belgium

  • Order from Chaos

    It tells the story of my Life up until this point, the original black and grey was done in federal prison and the color I have since gotten done to complete my final vision for the piece. There is individual… [ read more ]

  • History

    My history

  • Marvel/DC sleeve by Tivis Phillips at Danny’s Ancient Art in Blacksburg, Va.

    My son and i both love superheroes. I added Mr. freeze for him with his name in icy lettering.

  • joker

  • tea time

    Batman has always been mine and my dads special thing we both enjoyed together since I was little. The tea party is for my grandma who iv always had tea time with. And Alice has always been my favorite Disney… [ read more ]

  • its the joker

    I did on my boy from new york

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