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  • For my family Key

  • Enter to the world

    The meaning is, my zodiac (virgin) looking from my body ( which is balck and grey ) to wonderfull world full of colors and dont give to forgot how beautyfull is it.

  • Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens

    I got this tattoo to represent myself unlocking my future and becoming a teacher. I recently became certified and the owl represents wisdom and knowledge which is what I think of to describe a teacher.

  • Lost Love

    The bird has the key to the chained heart. Where ever the bird goes the love goes too.

  • Lock ‘n Key Anklet

    Love jewelry and anklets. This realistic anklet comes with a heart-shaped lock (currently in the closed/locked position) and key. I AM the holder of the key to my own heart — nobody else. The bit of Emerald Green is my… [ read more ]

  • Key to Reality

  • Rose Hourglass

    Roses are my favorite flowers, The hour glass represents the quote i have: “This Too Shall Pass”. Whatever your going through in life will pass by, don’t sweat it and let whatever it is play out. The key and lock… [ read more ]

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