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  • japanese half upper body suit

    i love Japanese tattoos and pain because dam the side hurts

  • Koi Fish

    I just love the placement and koi fish are lucky to me

  • Beach waves and rays

    The dragon is for my daughter. Her name means in Japanese, blessed dragon. The orb it’s holding represents a new spirit which was for her younger sister who I had problems with during my pregnancy and she made it through…. [ read more ]

  • koi fish

    Good luck

  • koi fish

    Good luck

  • Koi Swimming Upstream

    To showcase my personal growth and my perseverance through all the hard times faced in life thus far, as well as ones I have yet to encounter.

  • Half body koi fish

    My tattoo means the world to me. I have an a tough life and my koi symbolizes that I made it though just like the koi this in the river swimming up stream. It wasn’t easy but, it was worth… [ read more ]

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