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  • Koi fish

    This tattoo is just the start of my sock. My leg is not finished but here’s a start.

  • Koi with sugar skull

    Koi resembles strength, determination, and courage to fight on even though it’s going against the current. The sugar skull is for my wife and the numbers 4..7..2..3 stand for Gabriel Rochelle Always Forever

  • Calf Koi Fish

  • Koi Fish flowers and frog

    This tattoo represents my love for the water. i love going to the lake and i spent four years on the swim team and water polo team.

  • Marilyn Monroe day of the dead

    My sleeve is made up of Japanese figures that I have chosen specifically to identify myself with. I believe in the beauty, art, talent, and ideology of a geisha. I am a snake in the Chinese zodiac chart, which is… [ read more ]

  • tatto 2

    My life

  • Koi Fish

    This tattoo was a cover up of a wedding date. Since the the Koi Fish is a symbol of strength and overcoming obstacles I thought itd be a great cover up for the date.

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