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  • All Over

    My body is my canvas for art.

  • Koi jumping from water

    I was an art major and did my senior thesis on traditional Japanese Horimono, but wanted to draw it in my own style.

  • Cover-UP

    Brought be to the Higher Level of true Tattoo Art

  • Koi Sleeve

    My beautiful daughter on her wedding day!

  • Left Upper Sleeve Cover-Up

    Koi represent the struggles in life, to achieve more, to become more. The 3 Koi on me stand for myself, my daughter and my grandmother who has passed.

  • Asian Art

    All the tattoos I have are a life story of the struggles between war and the struggle of finding ones self and transitioning into peace and chi through life .

  • Koi Fish done by Ennio Lopez at Double Minded Ink

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