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  • Moving forward

    All good luck advised from children, and a lotus flower to show how beauty can rise from shit.

  • Carp fish

    It means that your doing your best till you success and become a dragon

  • Graduation Present

    18 years old and got this for a Graduation present done by Matt Taylor in Lima, Ohio

  • kois

    Koi are very noble beings!

  • Lizelle

    I love my ink as it symbolizes a new beginning in my life as a cancer survivor. My tattoo stretches from my shoulder to my thigh…. A dragon, phoenix, koi and lotus, all color and done freehand.

  • Koi Fish

    Life is a struggle, and its hard, but just like the koi never gives up neither will I . I hope one day I can live up to my potential and become what I was meant to be.

  • Koi by Shahn Anderson

    This tattoo signifies my Father, he loves to fish and I didn’t really want a walleye on my arm. So I went for a Koi. I like Japanese style tattoos alot!

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