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  • Rose

    The rose represents Portland, the city of roses, which is located in Oregon, the rose state. Portland is the place I feel most at home.

  • Hannya Back Piece

  • Native american

    I have Native American blood and my mother took it to heart, I even had a favorite dreamcatcher as a kid that I would bring with me every time I left for the night. I also have a thing for… [ read more ]

  • Some Owl Chest Work. Almost Done!

    Owl have always represented intelligence. I’m in school to be a teacher, and for me it helps disprove the stigma that people with tattoos and idiotic hoods.

  • corset tat

    I love this tattoo it represents my inner sexiness, braveness, and the love for my haters that talk behind my back if they look at little further I call it how I see it. Envy me.

  • bubbafinishedcross

  • 403010_2798579158947_109254715

    i’ve always wanted a traditional japanese tattoo (or in this case, two tattoos) done in japan. i had worked over there for 6 years before i finally decided to get these created. the japanese artist i worked with believes them… [ read more ]

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