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  • Legs

    They are my pride and joy.

  • My Love for the Sea

    This is a large piece that is only getting bigger! It has been a vision I have had since I could comprehend what a tattoo is so it finally coming alive means a lot to me. All the pain and… [ read more ]

  • It’s Maaaario! Tattoo by Uriel Rangel Fernandez from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

    beginning of Leg sleeve dedicated to my kids’ favorite characters.

  • First color

    Overcoming obsticals

  • Pandora‚Äôs Box

    The story of Pandora’s box goes that Zeus, the god of all gods, got mad at Prometheus. In order to punish Prometheus, Zeus sent Pandora down to Earth with a box and told her not to open it. Pandora’s greatest… [ read more ]

  • full leg. Japanese style.

    stationed in japan and wanted to get a tarot that is Japanese.

  • Starlet Leg Sleeve by Mikey Jenkins

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