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  • Optimus Primed! by Chris 51

    This was my clients first tattoo and wanted it totally replicated from his childhood tv love Transformers cartoon. I took it a step further and put it coming out of a Autobots logo cutout.

  • R2-Tea2 by Chris 51

    I tattooed this on my wife, who is my biggest critic, and biggest pain in my ass to tattoo lol.

  • Sleeve

    I love all of them as I made them in a certain period of my life.I have one covered tattoo from my 16 but still love it.

  • Sexy Librarian

    I love getting tattoos. It is an absolute addiction. I plan to get more. I only have six. I plan to add more to my leg possibly sleeve it out. Kisses

  • Cass’s Subflower by butch aggasid of ink digger

    Color of life. Freedom

  • Water Color Low Poly Cat

    This tattoo celebrates the love of cats for my client. I love doing tattoos that celebrate a memory or attachment to a loved one whether that be an animal, family member or friend.

  • Galactic Tiger

    I love space and cats and my tattoo artist created this custom tattoo for me.

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