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  • Norse tattoo

    the writing is a part of norse litterature, wise poems from Odin (Håvamål, #55) that means knowledge is good to have, but with too much knowledge you will lose the wisdom of your heart.

  • Jessica rabbit

    Jessica rabbit was my nickname for years and i had wanted a really pretty jessica rabbit tattoo for a long time. My artist Ian Preece did the most amazing job I have ever seen. Its one of the most incredible… [ read more ]

  • Arabella Drummond clown girl

    I have been a fan of arabella for quite a few years now, I have been lucky enough to meet her on a number of occasions and she has always been super nice. When I decided to get this piece… [ read more ]

  • Music Connects People

    I met majority of my friends through music and going to concerts, so I thought this tattoo would be a unique way of showing how much music means to me

  • Disturbed

  • Slipknot – Corey Taylor

    Check Rick James out @ Think Ink in St. Joseph, MO

  • hubiscus

    It is the one i put least thought into and gets the most compliments

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