• Black & grey leg

  • bats

    It doesn’t have much for an actually significance, me and my tattoo artist who is also my husband thought it would look pretty cool

  • UTOD

    I am from Texas and I have been traveling to and volunteering at the Olympic games for 20 Years (with a group of friends from Texas). We jokingly started calling ourselves the Unofficial Texas Olympic Delegation (UTOD). So this tattoo… [ read more ]

  • alice

  • Zombie Obama

    Ladies and Gentleman of inked magazine i give to you our current american presidents head (as a zombie) on a stick! As a proud american tattoo artist this was the opportunity to show not only artistic ability, but my personal… [ read more ]

  • Geisha Hunny

    this is a geisha in significant to myself. if you know the history of a geisha you can only think of being a whore in japan but it’s not that. geisha’s are entertainers and i am an entertainer toward people… [ read more ]

  • Shrek

    Huge fan of the shrek movies.