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  • sexy and classy

    The blue flower is a cover up of my wedding. It was a horrible marriage. The rose represents blossoming to me. The skull represents overcoming something terrible and becoming beauty

  • dragon

    in remembrance of a close friend

  • Skull Bows

    Something that I really wanted, and it was the first time for the artist to do this style.

  • Eye on time for fly

  • Jack Sparrow

    Huge fan of Johnny Depp.

  • Drug on money with bridge card

    I used to sell drugs thus why there are ecstasy pills in the first hundred and ice and the other. I retired had kids and downgraded to dollars a bridge card and pennies.

  • The 1st Unicorn

    I fancy myself a Unicorn. On a quest to acquire 100 Unicorns, in many forms. This is the 1st Unicorn.

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