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  • To wild to live

    Story of my life!!

  • marilyn monroe with costom lettering

    marilyn monroe with costom lettering i made.. Wanted to do something i have seen so much before.

  • “I’ll always love you mijo”

    I got this for my recently born first son. He means the world to me and has completely changed my outlook of life. All I do is for him.

  • Live My Life

    These lyrics of the 30 Seconds To Mars song “Closer To The Edge” really capture my look on life perfectly.

  • Quote from the Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

  • One life one chance

    Its a saying i live by everyday

  • half sleeve and bone

    The lettering is the song of my dad and i! And my half sleeve means all my life where i come from and no matter what happen my home will be there to me

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