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  • Good and the Bad

    My theme is Good and Bad, Right arm being good, Left being bad, this is some of much more ink.

  • The Reaper

    Since I was very young I have been through a lot of life and death experiences. This female reaper represents that, she is also holding the world in one hand and the scales in the other. This represents my astrologic… [ read more ]

  • Foot

  • Live without regret

    Butterfly represents my mum, 9 stars for my 9 brothers, the lily because they were my step mums favourite flowers before she passed away, music notes represent my dad (he lives for music) swallow to remind me to live freely,… [ read more ]

  • Life goes on

    That no matter what happened in your life or what life is going to bring you in the future, it will go on.

  • Owl

    it represent the things ive been through in my life

  • Only god