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  • Light house

    Last piece of my black and grey sleeve, it’s beautiful I couldn’t have imagined it any more perfect.

  • Cape Look out

    That is home for me and it is the first tattoo my husband did on me.

  • Avatar

    This was actually a free tattoo I did for a client just to play with a new set of Eternal ink. We all really enjoyed the movie Avatar, so that’s what we went with. Please let me know via email… [ read more ]

  • 7 hour half sleeve

    This tattoo was done on a whim for a client of mine rushing to beat the Army’s new tattoo regulations. He had to get this done before a certain day. So we did 3.5 hours one day and 3.5 hours… [ read more ]

  • Lighthouse tattoo

    I did this tattoo by looking at a picture. Took 3 sessions. I am on Instagram @markfreitasart or mark freitas in Vacaville,ca

  • Lighthouse

    This was a tattoo in remembrance for my aunt who was like a mother to me. The three sunflowers signify my aunt, my uncle, and myself. She loved the coast and she always decorated her house in them. Then the… [ read more ]

  • Sailing For the Light

    I got this chest piece to go through an experience, to really get in tune with my body and express an intimate story of mine. My sleeve, is a nautical piece as well, and is almost completed to connect to… [ read more ]