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  • Lovely Patricia Diaz

    This tattoo is sexy and eligant

  • Bad Kitty

    My back piece started as this shitty little tattoo I got after a horrendous break up when I was only 18 years old. Its evolution has paralleled the significant events in my life. I went with Tiger Lilies because while… [ read more ]

  • tiger lilies

    This tattoo was done by Donnie Perry in Milton,KY.this represents my grandmother who used to call me tiger lily. I think it is awesome.

  • wedding ring

    this tattoo is my wedding ring. I used to have a beautiful white gold diamond wedding ring but for some reason it made my finger blister a little so I told my husband I just want a really beautiful tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Star gazer lilies

    It is my favorite flower.

  • Star gazer lilies

    It is my favorite flower.

  • Music is Life

    The ambigram in the center reads music one direction and breathe the other and represents my connection to music. The lilies represent my mother (gold), father (blue), and myself (pink) and the idea that even though we aren’t always together… [ read more ]

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