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  • my story

    My struggle, strength to overcome

  • 3 lillies

    This tattoo represents my 3 younger siblings that my dad and step-mother had together. They are all under the age of 7 and mean the entire world to me. I got a flower in each of their favorite colors. Jon… [ read more ]

  • Lillies

    One Lilly for each of my daughters and purple for my favorite color.

  • “Beautiful Disaster”

    My life has always been nothing but a beautiful disaster, but I somehow to always remain centered around God. This tattoo shows everything a mess centered around the cross.

  • Tiger Lillie’s full back

    I love tiger Lillie’s, and I had a clown fish tattoo on my lower back I got when I was 18 (I am now 35.) I wanted to cover it up, so I went to a place in Jacksonville, N.C.,… [ read more ]

  • Lillies

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