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  • Lily star

  • Intricate Lily

    Lillies are my mums favourite. They are always seen as a flower related to death. But every time I smell a lily or see one only two things cross my mind. Firstly how much I am allergic to them and… [ read more ]

  • side piece

  • spring scene

    I absolutely love the color in this tattoo! Spring is my favorite season, when everything comes to life especially my spirit ♥

  • Lily

    Represent my capital, Quebec.

  • Side tattoo, 4 lilies

    a beautiful piece I chose to honor all 4 of my kids. 4 lilies with each child’s name coming off the vines.

  • Cynvisit(2)

    Jerry is an amazing tattoo artist. I told him a few of my intrest and he sketched it out beautifully. I truely trust him with my body.